Our service (Our mission “Multilingual Support Service”)

We provide multilingual support that meets clients’ various needs.
We also provide many types inquiries, business meetings, and quick phone/FAX/Email support as well as various types of translation and multilingual layout.

We serve as a one-stop supplier to help you create, cultivate and expand foreign markets (inside/outside Japan).
Please feel free to inquire us your needs.

We would like to contribute to your market development and expansion beyond borders and language barriers, utilizing Beborn’s “Multilingual Support Service”.

We are open 365 days and look forward to hearing from you.

Overcome the language barrier with telephone interpretation. We support your communications with foreigners through telephone interpretation.


We support communications via Email and Fax written in foreign languages 365 days.


Multilingual Support Service

Wide range of languages translation including English, Chinese (simplified Chinese/traditional Chinese), Korean and others


From hard copies to websites…format data of translated documents. More than 100 types of fonts available to appeal the images suitable to your needs.